Woman Dressed As A Mermaid Swims In Floodwater

In a series of bizarre images, a woman dressed as a mermaid is seen splashing about in floodwaters of rain as it pours down on her.

Recently, the Scottish people were hit with a series of flash floods that caused disruption in their daily lives, but one of them decided to turn that into an opportunity to embrace her more aquatic side.

The resident of Glasgow was going about his day when he encountered this mythical creature in the puddles caused by the rain.

Gavin Millar took a series of pictures of a woman flailing and splashing and pretending to be a mermaid.

Because of the level of the water, the woman wasn’t able to get a good swim, but people on the internet were able to have a good laugh at her antics.

According to a neighbour who shared a similar picture, “I absolutely love the neighbourhood of Battlefield.”. Mermaid was out in the floods today. I hope those affected are okay.”

Flash floods and rains have recently racked the area but you never know if you might spot another mermaid in the mix.

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