Kind 8-Yr-Old Asks Mom To Stop Car So He Can Help An Elderly Woman Up The Stairs

Maurice Adams Jr. noticed that one elderly woman was struggling with the stairs, so he made sure that he was there to help her.

As he was leaving his sister’s high school graduation with her and his mom in the car, Maurice saw a struggling elderly woman with a walker who was looking out the window. His mother, Contricia, asked him if he could go to the woman’s aid.

Contricia said. “He asked, ‘May I help her up the stairs?’” Contricia replied.

Riley Duncan was in the car behind, and when he saw why the car in front of him stopped, his heart was filled with gratitude. He then recorded a video of the nice boy who jumped out of his car to help a woman.

Maurice ran up to the woman and asked if he could help her. She happily agreed. He held her back to help her stay stable and helped her lift the walker with each step.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, both the old woman and Maurice were happy and smiling. She then told Maurice that he was special. He jumped into his mother’s car and drove off.

Contricia was proud of her son for taking action to help an elderly woman in need. “It’s moving. It’s very moving,” she said later.

Riley, who was grateful to witness the kindness, posted a video online showing an unknown child helping an older woman:

“Thank God for our youth.”

Many hearts on the net were touched by the kindness of the little boy: “What a loving and compassionate child. One day he will be a wonderful and caring man,”” wrote Mary C.

“What a kind gesture. He made her day and probably felt so good as well. His parents must be very proud of him. So am I,” wrote Yasmine H.

As Lorraine A. commented, “It’s remarkable for a child to be so considerate at such a young age… Parents should be proud… they taught him very well.”.

That’s the kind of kindness that comes from the heart! What proud parents their parents must be, and what good parents they must be! Congratulations! “, Trudy C. said.

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