Oklahoma Teenager Accidentally Moves Into Retirement Community

Kohout was looking for a good apartment with affordable rent, so when she came across a good opportunity, she got all excited and signed the lease and moved days later without even physically visiting the apartment. A week later, she realized she had moved to a senior citizens community. In tiktok videos, the girl shares tidbits about her life and jokes about how her story would make a great sitcom.

In any independent person, young or old, one thing that is common is the ability to afford decent housing.

This teenager’s search for affordable housing led him to find a house in a retirement community.

Madison Kohout, 19, told Insider.com that she was moving from Oklahoma to Arkansas and was looking for a two-bedroom apartment online.

When she found a comfortable and spacious apartment listed at only $350 a month, she was overjoyed and immediately signed the lease papers to move in without even seeing it in person.

A few days later, she moved in and was surprised to find that most of her neighbors were over 65. She realized it only a week after moving in when she noticed the retirement home sign outside her building.

“The first week after moving here was crazy,””  Kohout told Newsweek.  “I was so busy finding a job and setting up my apartment that I didn’t even notice! “I found it odd that all my neighbors were significantly older than me.”

Teenager joked about the blunder in a viral TikTok video posted on April 17 that showed her laughing in front of a “Senior Citizens Apartments” sign with the caption: “Me getting ready to move to an apartment out of state that I’ve never seen in person. And I realize I just moved myself into a retirement home.”

In the video, Kohout shares her life and what it’s like to live in a community as the youngest resident. The video has been viewed more than a million times. In one video, the girl jokes that her story could be the plot for a sitcom.

Kohout shares some of the advantages of living in a senior community, noting in one video that her home is “always super quiet” because her neighbours are usually asleep when she gets back from work.

She continued, “But I have one major perk: I can play music whenever I like, since some of them can’t hear.”

Another great thing is that everyone asks her how she’s doing when she gets home after a long day at work.

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