Guy’s Surprise Party Reaction Sparks Hilarious Debate

Couch guy era is still going strong. The internet is convinced this 30 year old was not quite as thrilled with his surprise birthday party as he might like to believe.

It is important to see this iconic piece of internet pop culture called ‘Couch Guy’ before proceeding. In the video, a girl walks into her long-distance boyfriend’s apartment, who gets off the couch slowly and puts on his best fake smile.


robbie had no idea♬ still falling for you – audiobear

“Couch Guy” is now the internet’s way of saying there is more going on with these boyfriends than we realize.

Originally posted on @sydniarnett’s TikTok page, the video lay dormant until some internet sleuths realised the similarities between this and couch guy.


Mike themed surprise 30th ##NissanShowUp ##SoFiMoneyMoves ##surprise ##thirty ##birthday♬ still falling for you – audiobear

Sydni surprises her boyfriend Michael with a ‘Mike’ themed birthday party in the video.

Mike appears in the video with a red cup in hand, seemingly delighted and smiling as his friends celebrate his arrival.

Things don’t get suspicious until his girlfriend Sydni arrives. As she hugs him, he holds her with one arm.

Then she shows him her Mike Wazowski onesie.

Commenters absolutely lost it and started investigating the footage with the same fervour they brought to couch guy.

Some commenters were seeing red flags just as the video started

Others were happy to be a part of history

Some speculated what was going on in solo cup guys mind

Mostly, people were entertained by the fact that the couch guy experience was a universal one. 

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