In A Touching Photo Of A Steamed-Up Shower, Dad Shows The ‘Crazy’ Truth About Being A Mother

Parents who stay at home often go unrecognized and unrewarded for their selfless efforts. It may seem like a simple task to stay at home with the kids all day, but it’s not. It has been recently proven that a man has shown the ‘crazy’ reality of being a mom.

Tennessee Dad, Zack Williams, made sure his wife knew how much he appreciated her. One morning after taking a shower, he noticed something. It was clear to Zack just how much Heather sacrificed as a stay-at-home mother.

The American couple had a special connection with their baby daughter, Lottie, the moment they had her. It is an unbreakable bond. Zach worked hard as a car salesman while Heather stayed home to take care of Lottie.

Source: Facebook Six Shots with Zack and Heather

Zach shared his experiences as a new father on his blog and showed how much his life has changed since his wife gave birth to Lottie. Zach said that he and his wife used to paint the town red on a Friday night, but now they’re falling asleep on the couch.

Zach is a car salesman. Zach has a demanding job because if he doesn’t get customers to buy a car, he won’t get paid, so he is constantly under pressure. Zach’s wife makes sure he knows how loved he is by putting sweet notes in his lunchbox.

Heather’s pride and joy is Lottie. Regardless of what mom is doing, baby Lottie has her full attention. Zach isn’t afraid to share this with the world on social media.

Source: Facebook Six Shots with Zack and Heather

According to this dad’s most recent post, the world agrees that his wife is a super mom.

Since he shared his sweet post, it has received thousands of likes and comments from people who have been moved by his story.

Source: Facebook His View From Home

Zach got in the shower after a long day at work. He wondered what his baby daughter’s Moses basket was doing in the washroom when he noticed it there. He realized what had happened only after getting into the shower…

In a Facebook post (His View From Home), Lottie’s father explained how the fogged glass proved how selfless his wife is. Heather was focused on Lottie even when she was taking a shower. The fact that my wife cannot even take a shower without caring for someone else; tending to someone else’s needs. Zach wrote, “She doesn’t get a second to herself to relax.”.

Is this an issue you face as a mom?

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