Boyfriend Pranks His Girl By Adding Full Dylon fabric Dye To Her Hot Soapy Bubble Bath

Adding fabric dye to his girlfriend’s bubble bath was a prank he pulled on her. As a result of the bath, she was dyed blue from head to toe and transformed into the ‘world’s angriest smurf.’

Her YouTuber boyfriend pranked her by hijacking her bubble bath

Jasmine Woodward was all set to dive into her bubble bath after a long day at work, but she didn’t realize her boyfriend was up to a prank. Jasmine and Kristen Hanby (a prolific YouTuber) often play pranks on each other and post their hilarious reactions.

Jasmine didn’t know Kristen would literally turn her into an angry smurf this time.

Kristen added fabric dye to Jasmine’s hot soapy bubble bath:

After mixing Radox Muscle Soak bubble bath with a full Dylon fabric dye in the bathtub, Kristen nicknamed Jasmine as the ‘world’s angriest smurf’.

It was not funny to Jasmine; ‘It’s not funny.’ Look how colorful I am!’’

After seeing his girlfriend’s confused and shocked face, Kristen couldn’t contain his laughter; ‘You f*cking Avatar,’ he roared, cackling.

The dye did not wash away after a second bath

A video of Jasmine taking another bath and panicking because the dye wouldn’t wash off was posted on the couple’s Facebook page.

‘It won’t come off!’’’

Over 165,000 people have watched the video and 10k have commented.

In the end of the clip, the poor girl is seen laughing, but we can see the pain in her eyes

Several people found it funny, but others were not so happy with it.

“I would break up with you.”. I feel like it’s too far,’ one user wrote, while another added: ‘It’s harmful to the skin… you should care more about her health rather than just having fun.’

Another user commented, ‘Absolutely classic, definitely one of the funniest I’ve seen thus far. I can’t stop laughing. You get a 1000!’’

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