Police Calls Man To Inform Him His Husky Is Sitting On Top Of The Roof, Sends Hilarious Evidence As Proof

Dogs are not only loyal animals but they are also the kindest, sweetest and playful animals who love to pull off mischevious tricks and get all the attention. Recently Cheryl Ramsay took to social media to post a funny incident that recently happened with her family. Cheryl and her husband were busy with their daily life chores and work when one fine day they received a call from the police to inform them that their husky is sitting on the top of the roof and enjoying the weather and they should come home to take him down.

Getting a call from the police in the middle of the day

While Cheryl Ramsay from Prince Edward Island, Canada was cleaning her house, she left the bedroom door open to let fresh air in. She had no idea that their husky would climb out of the window and set off on his own little adventure.

Cheryl forgot about it and went on with her day. Later, her husband received a call from the police telling him their husky was sitting very relaxed on top of the roof.

Cheryl shared the hilarious story on social media

Cheryl introduced the Internet with her husky

The story went viral on social media. Cheryl later introduced her mischevious husky to the world, “Her name is Nala and she is 17 months old. She is loving and very smart. I would describe her personality as playful, jealous, needy… She does not like being left alone. She is like a person and a goldfish, one second she wants out, then in, out, and in.”

As soon as Nala saw people approaching her, she jumped back into the window

Cheryl received the call from the police while Cheryl was at the gas station and Paul was out running an errand for work. In response, she said, “He could not believe the police officer when he heard about the situation. Immediately before Paul got home, the police officer and some bystanders stood around. Nala just jumped back into the window.”

“She knows what she wants and she finds a way to get it”

Nala is not only a friendly and playful dog but she also loves her independence. She loves to roam around freely and according to Cheryl, “She chewed 7 retractable leashes and 3 seatbelts in our vehicles,” Cheryl added. “She knows what she wants and she finds a way to get it.”

Social media reacted warmly to the story

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