Baby Born With Gray Hair Has The Internet Talking

We are all unique in our own way, and diversity makes the world a better place. It is sometimes necessary to remember to appreciate life and its uniqueness.

When Baby Bence was born in Szekesfehervar, Hungary, some people were surprised.

He was only 21 inches tall and weighed 12 pounds, but he was born with full hair. Fortunately, the whole process went smoothly and the parents were happy that he was healthy. Despite doctors’ confusion, the baby’s parents said it was a normal birth.

Blood samples were taken and melanin levels were tested, but the baby was not at risk for albinism, a condition where the skin lacks melanins. Tests revealed that Bence’s blood had a low melanoma level, which is equivalent to albinism.

Although the low levels explain Bence’s unique hair color, they were unable to answer the question because the baby’s skin was different from other albinos because it lacked pigments in its skin, as well as its hair. Melanins typically develop in babies as they age, and while many babies are born with dark hair to see their hair grow, there are some children who do not develop them at all, according to the US National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Kummer suspected at the time that the loss of hair pigment was only temporary and limited, and that even the pretty boy’s strange hair was not related to prenatal stress. According to him, melanin levels may have increased because of low pigment levels in his baby’s skin rather than his hair color.

His beautiful hair made him an internet sensation, and nurses on the maternity ward referred to him as “Prince Charming.” Doctors still aren’t sure why Bence’s hair is this color, but many suspect a vitamin B12 deficiency, while others believe it’s a genetic condition. He is a healthy, happy baby, so his parents are relieved.

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