Homeless Man Returns Diamond Ring That Was Given To Him By Mistake, Is Praised By Thousands

It never occurred to Billy Ray Harris that one good deed could change his life.

After a woman accidentally dropped her diamond engagement ring into a homeless man’s cup while giving him spare change, he returned it to her the next time he saw her.

Her ring was lost

Sarah Darling, a yoga instructor from Kansas City, Missouri, saw a homeless man with a cup out for spare change and decided to give him all the coins in her coin purse. The woman emptied the purse into the man’s cup, not remembering to put her engagement ring into it earlier because it had given her finger a rash.

Sarah realized she couldn’t find her ring the next day. Then she remembered that she had given some change from her purse to a homeless man. To find out if she dropped the ring in his cup by accident, she decided to seek out the homeless man.

She went back to the area where she had seen him, but he had disappeared. The following day, she found him sitting on the ground again.

“I asked him, ‘I don’t know if you remember me, but I think I gave you something that was very precious to me,'” Sarah said.

“I have it, I kept it for you,” the homeless man replied.

The diamond ring was given to her by him.

Sarah was so deeply touched by the honesty of this man that she was sincerely appreciative and grateful. Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man, saw the ring in his cup three days ago and was also surprised to find it. As he wasn’t sure if it was genuine, if someone had given it to him, or if it was a mistake, he took it to a local jeweler to see if it was valuable. He told me it was a real diamond ring and offered to buy it from me for $4,000 on the spot. Even though that was a large amount of money to Billy, he thought that since it was real, it must be very important to someone, so rather than taking the cash, he opted to hold onto it to see if anybody would come looking for it.

Her fiance Bill Krejci set up a donation page to help reward Harris for his honesty and donations soon began flooding in from around the world.

Former beggar has already put down a deposit on a house he plans to renovate himself, and he has also established a trust to manage his finances. He has also purchased a Volkswagen Beetle.

As a result of his appearance on the Today show with the couple, Harris has become a minor celebrity.

He now has a home, a job, and on Sunday, he was reunited with his family after 16 years. Harris has kept in touch with the couple who helped him.

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