I Don’t Know What Will Happen Next, But I Trust Your Guidance

God, I don’t know what will happen in the coming months or years, but I trust in your guidance and in giving me the patience and strength I need to continue pursuing my goals. I’m not sure what your plan is for me, and I’m sure I can trust you.

When I am tired, when my heart and soul are exhausted, I am at my most vulnerable and needy.

It is sometimes difficult for me to think and to comprehend everything that has happened to me in the last few years.

I sometimes leave everything in your gentle hands, dear God. As a result of my emotional rollercoaster ride, I am exhausted and tired.

My dear God, I do not know what will happen next, but I trust you.

Your leadership and love will always be there to support me during this difficult time, and that is more than enough. As long as you keep me in your heart and mind, I will be fine.

My life, as well as the lives of my family and friends, I have entrusted to you, God.

Bless me with forgiveness and a generous hand, and may my future be brighter than my past.

Now that I understand that everything is going to happen, I put my trust in you to protect me and to answer my prayers. The people who hold you in their hearts and entrust you with their lives and dreams will never be disappointed in you.

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