This House Listing Is Photoshopped So Badly, People Are “Improving” It In The Comments

When you’re renting out or selling your house, you want to put your best foot forward. That means that you polish the place up for the listing photos. You make the property look cozy. Inviting. Maybe you photoshop in an obviously fake couch, plant, and stools to make it seem more lived-in. Wait, what?!

That’s the reaction that Twitter had when Caitie Delaney posted a Los Angeles listing with hilariously badly photoshopped pictures. The more you look at them, the funnier it gets. We know that the pics were edited this way as a laugh and to get attention, not as a serious attempt to ‘fool’ potential clients. Scroll down and check out the giggle-worthy photos, dear Pandas. We can’t wait to hear what you think of this house and how other people ‘upgraded’ the photos.

The development manager of the property, Brad Balduff, told Bored Panda that the pictures were lightly photoshopped to add some “color” to them and to get more traffic “even if it brings laughs.” Read on for the rest of our interview with him.

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The listing looks normal at first

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Image credits: hotpads

But then things start to change

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Image credits: hotpads

Brad also told us a bit more about the local area, Atwater Village. “My ‘tag line’ for Atwater is From the River to the Railroad, the Village in the City. Atwater Village’s western border is the LA River and the eastern border is the railroad tracks. The neighborhood has a rich history of early 20th-century buildings as well as an eclectic mix of more modern structures. Atwater is somewhat unique given its rich equestrian heritage and abundance of horse tables and riding trails so close to a very urban area.”

Caitie’s viral Twitter thread got over 50.4k likes, more than 3.1k retweets, and genuinely made our day better. Just when you think 2020 is the worst year ever, you find the silver lining. And that silver lining turns out to be a badly photoshopped gray couch.

The property’s described as an “amazing cottage” and an “amazing modern home” that also manages to keep its classic look.

The house has two bedrooms and, yup, you guessed it—”an amazing amount of inside space.” There’s also a patio, a yard, a new kitchen with appliances, and a “pretty” bathroom.

The main draw might seem to be not just the house itself but also its location in Atwater Village and just how close it is to everything: the river, various parks, horse stables and riding grounds, lots of shops and restaurants, 3 freeways, the Metrolink train, neighborhood markets, and cafes.

The listing also points out that if you enjoy biking, hiking, and working out at the gym, the area is great for all of those activities. In other words, you’d be renting less of a house and more a lifestyle.

People started posting jokes and upgrading the photoshopped pics

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