This Chameleon Is The Perfect Size For LEGO Props, And Here Are 9 Of The Best Pics

Full disclosure: we adore chameleons. We think they’re rad as heck with their swiveling eyes, natural camouflage, and cool attitude. So when we saw redditor Chonky_lizard’s posts online, we knew that we just had to share them with you, dear Pandas.

The reddit user posts photos of their cousin’s chameleon every day. And if that’s not enough to grab a hold of your attention—the lizard is photographed holding Lego props. From holding tiny plastic swords and lightsabers to cups and crossbows, this chameleon looks like a part-time superhero knight, keeping the city streets safe from villains, bandits, and (quite possibly) dragons.

Scroll down, check out the chameleon’s photos, and let us know what you think of the lizard and its T-Rex mount. Oh, and when you’re done enjoying this post, check out Bored Panda’s previous article about a chameleon being awesome and holding anything you give it right here. Bored Panda reached out to Chonky_lizard to learn more about Luna the awesome chameleon that belongs to the redditor’s cousin Logan aka Loganteumbreon. Scroll down for our full interview with them!

My Cousin’s Little Chameleon Holding A LEGO Coffee Mug

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Cousin’s Chameleon Holding LEGO Props. Day 2

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My Cousin’s Chameleon Holding LEGO Props. Day 3!

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Oh Coffee

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My Cousin’s Chameleon Holding LEGO Props, Day 4!

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My Cousin’s Chameleon Holding LEGO Props, Day 5!

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Final Boss Chameleon

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Chameleon Holding Lightsaber

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Jurassic Chameleon

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“We got the idea of giving her the Legos because I saw something about chameleons holding things a while ago, it might’ve been on YouTube,” the redditor said. But Logan, my cousin, brought the chameleon over to my house for a few minutes and I have a bunch of Legos, so I said, “Oh wait, maybe she would hold a little sword or something!’”

So Chonky_lizard gave the chameleon a Lego katana and she grabbed it out of their hand immediately. “We hurried up and took pictures with our phones and we kept giving her more props and she kept holding them. I did not expect the photos to be so popular. The first two I posted didn’t hit 1k upvotes, so I wasn’t that surprised. Then I posted the one photo of her with the knife and my phone was blowing up with notifications of upvote goals, comments, and awards,” they said.

“Logan’s chameleon’s name is Luna and she is a veiled chameleon that is about 4 or 5 months old,” Chonky_lizard said.

They confirmed that they created the Lizards Holding Things subreddit. “I thought that if people liked it so much and if it was so popular, I could make a subreddit for it. Even though I knew it probably wouldn’t become popular, but it would be cool to have. The moderators are me, Chonky_lizard, Loganteumbreon, my cousin, and my friend, Death_Nugit.”

Chonky_lizard created their account on Reddit in April 2020. In just a few months, they already amassed more than 18k Karma points and received 52 awards. So you can safely say that their chameleon content’s right up Reddit’s alley.

The Lizards Holding Things subreddit does exactly what it says on the tin. People upload lizards holding things. Lego props seem to work the best. And the subreddit believes that chameleons “are the best for holding things because they have awesome little grabby feet.” We agree (but we’re biased).

The subreddit was created on August 23, 2020: it’s still fresh and only has 761 members at the time of writing. So it’s a small and close-knit community, but we have a suspicion that it’ll grow quite a bit if people keep posting such wholesome lizard content.

Chameleon hands (and or rather feet) might look goofy, but they’re great for arboreal locomotion—what scientists call climbing trees and gripping onto narrow or rough branches.

Chameleons have 5 toes on each foot, but the way they’re arranged is different. While a chameleon’s front feet have 2 toes on the outer group of digits and 3 toes on the inner group, the number is reversed on its rear feet. One thing’s for sure, though: chameleon feet are great not just for arboreal locomotion but also for proporeal legomotion.

People loved the photos and wanted to see more of them

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