20 Hilarious Notes From Students That Teachers Have Actually Received

“I drew a picture of you and your boyfriend in your house, but then I realized you don’t have a boyfriend, so I erased him.”

1. This little memo about the “caufe” incident:

2. This comprehensive list of their teacher’s good qualities:

3. These drawings of their teacher’s very fascinatingly dark roots:

4. These “weading matirials”:


5. This indisputable #fact:

6. This apology, tinged with flecks of remorse:

7. This note from a ~Bad Bicth~:

8. This erasable boyfriend:

9. This strong political statement:

10. This worksheet seemingly completed by a bagel:

11. This inconspicuous and completely innocent drawing of people on “segways”:

12. This ~not-bribe~:

13. These straightforward instructions:

14. This self-reflection that takes onus over one’s own poor behavior, but also acknowledges that “you be being mean sometimes”:

15. This short, sweet message:

16. This gentle reminder CC’ed to Digity Dog:

17. This vaguely-threatening love note:

18. This student’s *ONLY* Christmas wish:

19. This student’s sincere apology, made exponentially better by her professing her love:

20. And lastly, this ~deep~ philosophical take on life and its many questions:

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