14 Students Who Really Did Try Their Best

1. This student who misunderstood the assignment:

2. This student who should have done some fact-checking:

3. This student who probably smashed their computer screen immediately after this photo was taken:

4. This student who gave this presentation his all:

5. This student who isn’t exactly wrong:

6. This student who found out that two wrongs DO make a right:

7. This student who saw something the teacher didn’t:

8. This student who at least was honest:

9. This student who was simply following instructions:

10. This girl who described an interesting party:

11. This student who tried to draw a spaceship:

12. This student who was confident in their abilities:

13. This student who, frankly, should have received full marks:

14. And this student who, while recovering from surgery, wanted her T.A. to know she was still dedicated to her education:

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